Privacy policy

     Processing personal data

The User is aware and agrees that Online Arthaus has the right to process their personal data in accordance with the legislation of Estonia and the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Online Arthaus shall ensure the use of data for the purposes of the Environment only, and shall ensure confidentiality.

Online Arthaus has the right to process data provided by a natural person upon registration as a User or requested from them when using the Environment, or information gathered on a natural person User in some other way while using the Environment (hereinafter: Personal Data) for the purposes and to the extent established in the General Terms and Conditions, if the User agrees and authorises Online Arthaus to process such data.

A User may withdraw consent for processing and keeping their Personal Data at any time, request the processing to stop and the gathered Personal Data to be deleted or closed, and also their user account to be closed. The agreement may not be withdrawn retroactively.

Online Arthaus will gather and save Personal Data electronically and if necessary, makes extracts in some other format.

Online Arthaus shall use the Personal Data for the provision, development and personalisation of services related to the Environment and the resulting purchase and sale transactions.

Online Arthaus shall not disclose Personal Data to third persons or publish such data.

Online Arthaus shall only have the right to use Personal Data and provide access to such data for the administrators selected by Online Arthaus for such purpose or to other persons cooperating with Online Arthaus in direct development and maintenance of the Environment with the aim to ensure the quality of services and activities, availability and the potential improvements.

In the cases established in Section 39 of these General Terms and Conditions, Online Arthaus has the right to disclose Personal Information to a person recovering debts (collection agency, etc.).

Online Arthaus or a person recovering debts shall have a right to disclose the Personal Data to undertakings publishing payment arrears, e.g. Krediidiinfo etc. that may process such data for the purpose of making a credit decision in a register of payment arrears managed by the respective person.

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