About us

Online Arthaus is a professional art selling environment on the internet, created with the initiative of Haus Galerii that has more than 20 years of art marketing experience. Online Arthaus aims to make a variety of quality art more visible and available to the wider public.  

The auctions at Online Arthaus are open 24/7. Selections are based on an era or a topic, giving an overview of art both historically and in the modern day.  The environment introduces and interprets art backgrounds by publishing various articles and giving recommendations.  

The auctions only offer professional artworks by recognised artists. The auctions mainly present the artworks on the paper, with a lower price category, that have been overshadowed by “luxurious paintings” in a somewhat undeserved manner, not meaning that their artistic value is less significant.  

Professional and high-quality art does not necessarily have to be expensive. Art comes in various price ranges and involves different sales situations, to which Online Arthaus would like to give a chance.  

The top works of classical art have their own unique value and phenomenon, undoubtedly belonging to only a few representative auctions. On a broader level, each artwork has its own method of sale, its own price, and its own buyer. 

At Online Arthaus the auctioned artworks are displayed with their actual market price that, nevertheless, does not restrict the auction from also selling them below that value. Our priority is to find a new home for each artwork, often regardless of the price, providing lucky opportunities to buy art at more favourable prices than usual.   

Selling or buying art at Online Arthaus is simple and available to everyone. The artworks are assessed and their quality ensured by top professionals in the field, making sure that all of the purchases are safe and the offers valid. 

Online Arthaus is creating an alternative to high art auctions to help art, as a medium embodying emotions and exciting reflections of the world, to reach as many hearts and spaces as possible. 



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